Women Sportwear Suits




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M 36A 36B 36C 36D 36E/DD
L 38A 38B 38C 38D 38E/DD
XL 40A 40B 40C 40D 40E/DD
2X 42A 42B 42C 42D 42E/DD
3X 44A 44B 44C 44D 44E/DD
4X 46A 46B 46C 46D 46E/DD
5X 48A 48B 48C 48D 48E/DD
6X 50A 50B 50C 50D 50E/DDD


  • Material: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Breathable & stretchy
  • Highlight the curve of your hips and show the charming outline in all directions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I bought two of these

I bought two of these Simone Perele bras and some of the Chantelle Rive Gauche bras. These are actually better than the Chantelle, which I previously thought were the best. The provide just a little bit more support on the back and sides while also looking great and being supporting. I give 4 stars because I ordered two and one was the right size ...Read MoreRead more about I bought two of these Simone Pereleand the other, labeled the same size, was an inch shorter in the band. Now i have to return it and Bare Necessities charges 6 dollars a return. This company (Simone Perele) obviously has some quality control problems in the factory. I have not worn the bra that fits enough to say whether the material will hold up over time and multiple washings. Read LessRead less about I bought two of these Simone Perele

Seams are in a weird place

The bra itself is very cute, and the Baltic blue is a pretty color. The seams are the problem. Two of my current bras have the same seam configuration. The seams showing through shirts is just a thing I deal with every day. It no longer bothers me. But these seams join up in a weird place and don't lie flat, so I end up with what looks like nipple...Read MoreRead more about The bra itself is very cute, and thes looking off in different directions showing through the shirt. It's possible that a different cup size would fix the problem, but the bra didn't feel like it was the wrong size. I got a Chantelle Rive Gauche in same order-both with recommended sizing-and it is great. Just something with my body shape and this particular bra I guess. Returning it and ordering something different, Read LessRead less about The bra itself is very cute, and the

Great bra, unusual shape

This bra is gorgeous. The lace, the color, the design, everything. I wouldn't pay over $100 for any bra but it was worth the sale price. The issue with this bra is the shape. I have a pretty generic shape so most bras will fit decently well on me. This one is very inner-full and has extra fabric on the inner sides, more so than the Demi version of...Read MoreRead more about This bra is gorgeous. The lace, the this bra. I'm still not sure if I should keep it, since there's a ridiculous amount of extra fabric on the inside of my smaller boob. Overall TTS if you have the right shape for it. Read LessRead less about This bra is gorgeous. The lace, the

Pretty and supportive

I love this bra. It's beautiful and it gives me great support,

Love this bra!

This bra is very pretty, comfortable and the straps don't fall off my shoulders like many of the other bras I've tried. At my husband's urging, I ended up purchasing another in a different color and at full price after I spent a day wearing the one I received that had been on sale.