How do contemporary women choose bras that best suits them?

According to the statistical analysis of data, 65% of women know little about their breasts, that is to say, most women have great doubts about how to choose a bra suitable for themselves. They often refer to the bra style with the highest sales in online stores. There will be a disadvantage. The bra material and function are different, Not all women can fit. At this time, it is particularly important to find a suitable bra. Next, let’s tell you some tips for choosing a bra!

First of all, you can measure the latitude of your upper and lower chest circumference before buying a bra, so that you can quickly know the size of your chest. Secondly, you can observe your chest shape. Knowing your chest shape can better assist you in selecting bra styles. Finally, you can see the ductility of your arms, women with low arm flexibility and lactation can choose a front buckle or front zipper bra, which is the most convenient. Of course, if considering the beauty, women can choose a rear buckle bra, and the shoulder strap is the focus of the bra. If the shoulder strap is too thin, it is easy to have indentations and the fixation is not good enough, The widened shoulder strap can prevent indentations and is more stable

 Most women do not care much about the choice of bra, but in fact, the material of the bra directly affects the comfort of women and can cause great harm to the health of women. According to the survey, 25% of breast cancer women worldwide are breast cancer because they do not pay attention to breast maintenance and choose harmful materials. However, the lethality rate of breast cancer is as high as 44%. This data means that women must pay attention to their breast health and choose a suitable bra material carefully. Most bra materials are mostly made of nylon and spandex two mixtures at presentLycra is also a popular fabric in the market. It is similar to rubber latex. It is elastic and not easy to deform. It imitates human skin with high comfort, but the disadvantage is that some women who are allergic to latex can’t buy it, and the environmental protection type is not high. At present, the most popular fabrics for women in the market are ice silk fabrics and pure cotton fabrics. These fabrics have ultra-high comfort, high elasticity, and minimum friction. They are also the first choice for designers at present. Popsalie, which focuses on creating healthy and comfortable bras. It has launched a women’s bra with high adaptability. It selects the most convenient front buckle design and adopts ice silk fabric with the highest air permeability, elasticity, and skin adhesion. The classic fresh printing pictures and texts are both beautiful and highly matched, which is suitable for most female audiences!